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Knowledge and Experience

Gil Eagles is recognized as one of the most powerful and progressive seminar and workshop leaders on the convention circuit. Gil brings to his comprehensive programs the knowledge from years of indepth research, the dynamics of a world-class keynote speaker, and the charisma of an award-winning entertainer.

Gil is a dedicated researcher, author, and trainer in the Personal Growth and Organizational Development field. He is an active member of the American Society for Training and Development. He is the founder and president of the Institute for Growth and Actualized Living (a human development, research, and resource organization). He is the creator of the "I-ME EXPERIENCE," the much-acclaimed two-day workshop/retreat on SELF-ESTEEM. He is the originator and developer of MENTA-LASTICS, a science dedicated to expanding and channeling the powers of the mind. This powerful program is now being successfully used by professional sports teams. Gil has more than 15 years of experience researching, creating, and leading SELF-MASTERY and PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS.

About Gil's Seminars/Workshops

Gil's seminars/workshops introduce state-of-the-art ideas and easy-to-learn techniques that assist members of his audience to accelerate their individual growth both personally and professionally. All of Gil's seminars and workshops are designed to motivate the participants to utilize their natural and inherent potential towards achieving their own excellence. Gil's seminars/workshops are more than just an in-depth extension of his keynote presentations. They also include many ideas, topics, and exercises that are not or cannot be properly covered in a short keynote address. Each seminar/workshop is custom-built to meet your organization's objectives and your audience's needs.

Program Format

Gil's seminars are tailored to run about 90 minutes. They are designed to expand on and cover a subject more completely than Gil can in a shorter keynote address. Seminars also have the added advantage of a Question and Answer period and thus, more interaction between the participants and Gil. The workshop format is longer yet. Workshops can be designed to run a full day (approximately six hours) or even longer. For instance, Gil's Self-Esteem retreat is a full two-day experience. (Because Gil's Workshops are highly intensive, we recommend a short break approximately every 90 minutes). The workshops are a combination of lively lecture presentations and participatory experiential exercises. The longer workshop format has the added advantage of interaction between the participants. In order to involve the entire audience and facilitate interaction, Gil will occasionally organize the participants into pairs and small groups of three to six people. The sharing atmosphere is always very supportive and fun. The audience will occasionally be asked to write in their own personal confidential workbook. (A workbook is customized for each workshop). When appropriate, Gil will occasionally lead the participants through specially designed visualization exercises. The experiential, sharing atmosphere enhances insight and information, thus making learning faster, easier, and more permanent.


The following are some of the topics and subject matter from which Gil can choose in order to create a seminar or workshop that is most appropriate for your group. Please note that this list is not intended to be exhaustive, nor are the ideas listed in the final order in which they'll be presented. Ideas and topics will be added or deleted as Gil works with you to tailor a program based on your objectives and your audience's needs.


Gil introduces a powerful process for developing and expanding your enthusiasm, for being who you really are and what you are truly capable of being. Gil believes that SELF-ESTEEM is the most essential ingredient in our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Gil teaches the participants how to recognize their "okayness." For many, it will be the first time they truly understand SELF-ESTEEM and how to use it to enrich their lives.

  • So what's "Self-Awareness"? Who needs it and why?
  • Learning to distinguish between "SELF-IMAGE" and "SELF-ESTEEM"
  • Realizing your own uniqueness, worth, value, and importance
  • Creating the awareness for overcoming fear, worry, guilt, anger, and ineffectiveness
  • Building your confidence, creativity, prosperity, and peace of mind


Gil takes the audience behind the scenes to explore the working of our CONTROL CENTER. The critical difference in our success lies in our beliefs, attitudes, and mind set.

  • Introduction to your "BELIEF TANK"
  • Understanding the REALITY FILTER and your decision-making process
  • Changing your perspectives; how to break out of the box
  • Bringing alignment to your values and your beliefs
  • Embracing the WILLINGNESS to take risks

Goal Setting

Gil introduces a profound process for helping participants select the goals which are the most appropriate for them. He helps them clarify where they want to go by helping them create a compelling personal and professional mission.

  • Understanding the difference between a "GOAL" and a "PURPOSE"
  • Distinguishing the difference between "WISHES," "WANTS," and "NEEDS"
  • Determining what your TRUE DESIRES really are
  • Aligning your personal mission with your company's mission
  • Understanding the five ingredients that make up a TRUE GOAL

Action for Results

Gil maintains that it's not enough just to awaken people to their potential, nor merely to tell them what they ought to accomplish. We must also show them how to achieve their goals by teaching specific skills and techniques.

  • Going from VAGUE thinking to creating SPECIFIC GOALS
  • Defining the difference between IMPORTANT, URGENT and BUSYWORK
  • Developing a "seven--step" plan for achieving your goals
  • Learning the secret of planning backwards and working forwards
  • Defining Time ManagemeNT, establishing a precise SCHEDULE
  • Understanding the importance of PRIORITIZING
  • Understanding motivation (a motive or a reason for action) and how to use this understanding to fire yourself up
  • Developing FOCUS and COMMITMENT
  • Staying determined, yet FLEXIBLE

Mind Power

Gil believes that in order for positive change to take place, positive change must first take place in our MIND!

  • Understanding the functions of both the conscious and subconscious mind
  • Recognizing the difference between "BELIEFS" and "REALITY"
  • Recognizing man's greatest power: "The Power To Choose his Thoughts"
  • Learning to use the mind to be PRO-ACTIVE instead of RE-ACTIVE
  • Learning scientifically proven methods for positively programing the subconscious
  • Creating the kinds of affirmations and self-talk that will produce the results you want
  • Learning how to relax and let your SUCCESS MECHANISM work for you


Success does not always go to the brightest or the fastest among us, but often to the one who is most persistent. Developing an attitude of "I-can-stick-to-it," can be the difference between success and failure. No one is ever remembered for what they started, only for what they have finished. Skills can be taught--attitude is a decision. Gil facilitates a process that allows participants to choose an attitude that will bring them the best results.

  • Understanding what attitude is
  • Discovering the secrets for developing a positive attitude
  • Learning how to create your own intense drive and commitment
  • Learning how to stay FOCUSED, maintain your enthusiasm, and continue to be PRODUCTIVE even through CHANGE and turbulent times
  • Learning the methods for staying determined -- yet flexible
  • Learning the attributes of a winner. Everyone falls -- Winners get up
  • Developing the tenacity for taking one more step, and not quitting


Gil looks at responsibility as our ABILITY to RESPOND appropriately and effectively.

  • Accepting the consequences for your actions and deeds
  • INITIATIVE and CREATIVITY are your birthrights
  • Taking charge and going for RESULTS

People Skills

Our greatest source of joy is derived from our relationships with others. We get what we want out of life only by working with and through others. People skills are the key to effective leadership, greater sales, and exemplary customer service. Gil teaches the skills for creating more effective communication. This helps people develop more rewarding interaction and fulfilling personal and professional relationships.

  • Understanding both your needs and the needs of others
  • Separating the real person from his or her physical appearance and deeds
  • Learning Active Listening, and why it's more important to be interested than interesting
  • Developing the art of empathy and mutual respect for others.
  • Learning how to creating Win/Win situations. Work with others for a common good.
  • Learning the difference between being "ASSERTIVE" and "AGGRESSIVE"
  • Learning how to deal with difficult people, and the secrets for resolving conflict
  • Learning the secrets for building supportive, long-lasting, rewarding relationships


Effective leadership is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because THEY want to do it. Gil's "Business Edu-Tainment" program also discusses Leadership.

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