Team Building Games

There are dozens of excellent Team Building Games to choose from. Gil always tailors his program by selecting the most appropriate games for your audience.

The following is a sample format of one of Gil's Team Building Experiences:

Ground RulesGil briefly describes the ground rules for playing the games.
Celebration ExerciseThis exercise is designed to help the participants raise their energy level, and show them how to keep it up.
Self-Esteem ExerciseA fun exercise that opens up the channels of communications, while at the same time boosts self-esteem. This exercise also teaches the participants how to be more comfortable with each other.
Communication ExercisesParticipants are paired off and guided through a series of exercises designed to enhance clear delivery and active listening skills.
The Whammy GameA lively game that get everyone up and moving. This exercise designed to impress upon the participants that, throughout the course of their lives, they will encounter and need to work with many different kinds of people.
Cross-Line ExerciseThis is done with a partner. Its purpose is to remind the participants that the reason and the intention of a team is for everyone to win.
Crayon Triangle GameThis exercise teaches the participants the importance and value of shared vision and group planning.
Animal Sound Group FormationThis fun game teaches the participants how to work with others amidst chaos.
Green Vegetables and Paper Clip GameThis exercise demonstrates that team effort produces better results than individuals working alone.
Arm Out DemonstrationThis demonstration is designed to graphically show that we will inevitably encounter people with different beliefs and opinions, and that we need to be ready and willing to listen to what other have to say.
The Puzzle GameThis exercise clearly teaches the importance of assisting others and the value you will derive from helping your teammates win.
Alligator RiverThis fun game teaches the value of participation and cooperation.
Palms Together ExerciseA powerful closing to what has been a very active workshop. This exercise brings home the realization that we all need each other and that we all belong to the same team. This final exercise creates a strong bonding experience.

NOTE: It's important that after each of the above games and exercises, the participants get the opportunity to process what they've experienced. Gil facilitates a discussion (both in small groups and with the group at large) about what they have experienced and learned, and how it can be specifically applied to their organization, their work and to their overall effectiveness. Participants are encouraged to make specific determinations to implement their newly learned teaming skills immediately upon returning to work.

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