Gil Eagles' "Game Playing"
Team Building Experience

People learn better by doing. That's why Gil Eagles created his innovative audience-involving Team Building "Experience." He calls it an experience because the attendees learn by actually participating in specially designed Team Building "Games and Exercises."

Teamwork for the Twenty-First Century

People in today's work force require a dramatic shift in the way they think about business, organizational structure and their role toward co-workers. We are in what is being called "the second industrial revolution." We're rapidly moving away from the mass production and mass distribution revolution of yesteryear, to an information and service oriented society of today and tomorrow. The latter gave us the hierarchy form of management. Employees took orders from above. They were less accountable for the decision making process.

Leaders in the 21st century workplace are rejecting the old way of running an organization. They have to in order to survive. The product arena required consistency and sameness. The new information service arena requires employees to make decisions and be accountable. Today's team player needs to be more independent, responsive and flexible. With companies downsizing and individual organizations combining forces within the workplace, fewer employees are required to take on more responsibilities. They're expected to be more diversified and wear many hats.

The only way to survive is innovative TEAMWORK. Suddenly we all need to rely on each other to get the job done. The move to the new workplace of the 21st century is not easy. There's a lot to learn: changing philosophies, different leadership styles, improved training, additional responsibilities and of course, new ways of communicating and interacting. Change is not comfortable. People will have to learn to work in a new structure with a variety of personality styles. They'll need to deal with different educational backgrounds, career interest and diversified cultures, and still achieve continuous improvement in themselves, their organization and their team.

In this climate of rapid and radical change, Gil Eagles' Game-Playing, Team Building Experience will help prepare your people to

  • understand the changing culture of society and business
  • reinforce the value of teaming both professionally and personally
  • learn some ideas which will help them function more effectively as team members
  • develop a team that is both committed and highly productive

Program Description

Sample Format

Gil begins the Team Building Experience with a brief clarification of the various concepts of Teaming. His introductory remarks include an explanation of

  • What is a team?
  • Why are teams important in our new culture?
  • What is the difference between a team and a work group?

Since the real understanding of these topics will come from what the group will experience during the games and exercises, this discussion is kept to a minimum and is only meant as an introduction, and not an in-depth technical analysis. Gil's Team Building workshop is designed to be a fun experience, not an academic exercise.

Gil's Game-Playing, Team Building Experience needs to be conducted in an open space which can facilitate unobstructed movement. It can be conducted outdoors or in an empty hotel ballroom (one that is free from all furniture). Many of the games require special props and materials which Gil will supply.

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