Young Presidents' Organization

Gil Eagles has received rave reviews from hundreds of corporations and associations.
Here is just a small sampling of testimonials.
Original letters are on file and available upon request.

List of Industries

"Gil was sensational. He got the highest ratings possible with his ESP show. I know he is one of YPO's most popular resources, and we now know why. I can highly recommend him as one of the best resources we've ever had in Arizona."

Gary D. Edens
Education Chairman
YPO Arizona Chapter
"Thank you for being a part of our most successful Rebel Chapter Family Meeting. Your participation was most appreciated."

L.G. Hartman, III
YPO The Rebel Chapter
"Thanks for a superb, entertaining and informative presentation. We look forward to having you speak to us at another YPO event in the near future."

Jack H. Kulka
Education Chairman
YPO Long Island Chapter
"Your motivational talk had a very simple message, but the excellent manner in which you presented it captivated a very challenging audience of presidents in an uncommon way. Your after-dinner ESP show baffled everyone and they are still talking about you."

Tom Goldman
Education Chairman
YPO Iowa chapter
"The total success of our Chairman's Party was a large part due to the fascinating entertainment that Mr. Eagles provided. He is without question a magnificent resource for YPO. I would highly recommend him for any Chapter level area conference or university level YPO function."

David B. Timberlake
"Everyone found 'The Joke of Life' to be stimulating, entertaining, and full of take-home value. Thanks for a terrific program."

Richard S. Weissman
Day Chairman

List of Industries