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Gil Eagles has received rave reviews from hundreds of corporations and associations.
Here is just a small sampling of testimonials.
Original letters are on file and available upon request.

List of Industries

"Our customers could not stop raving about the show and those that volunteered became the hits of the rest of the conference. I also want to compliment you on your selection of hypnotic selections. They were in good taste, clean fun, and showed a very 'human' set of reactions. The whole experience was enjoyable and enlightening."

Bruce R. Jackson
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
"It has been my experience that the 'motivational speaker' will very often set the tone and direction of a sales meeting. I thought your program was excellent, and most certainly set the mood for an upbeat, proactive, and very successful function for Ascom Timeplex. Thank you."

Richard G. MacPherson
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales
"I was convinced we wanted to present your motivational talk but reluctant to include the hypnosis portion. [After all, this was a business conference!]. We definitely made the right decision-- the hypnotism adds significant impact to the message in your talk."

Bob Lindenschmidt
Manager, User Group Relations
"Thank you for your fascinating hypnosis show and your very beneficial motivational program. It was a pleasure working with you. You definitely helped in making this year's conference on that will be remembered for a long time."

Michael G. Littleton
Vice President - Service
"I was a bit hesitant to book you and your ESP program for our President's Award Dinner. Our organization is a very conservative group of engineers and highly technical professionals. Well, you wowed them! You were simply fantastic. The next morning our President and several of his staff were still discussing how incredible you were. I look forward to working with you next Spring."

Terri Dettlaff
Meeting Planner
"You were a big hit with our group! In fact, the comment I heard most often was, 'How did he do that?' Your ESP Show was so well received that I'm hopeful sometime we can get you back to do your Hypnosis Show."

Jean Peterson
Executive Assistant, Domestic Sales
"Your motivational program in the morning was enlightening as well as inspirational and definitely incorporated our theme --On the Road to Greatness. Additionally, your hypnosis performance in the evening not only delighted the audience, but reinforced the learning points from earlier in the day. Your knowledge and enthusiasm educated and entertained our 160 attendees from around the world."

Dana R. Nelson
Vice President of Sales
"You made us laugh, you made us think. As the meeting planner, I am most appreciative of the fact that you made me look good. Thank you for two wonderful, entertaining evenings."

Charlayne McMurray
Sr. Meeting Planner
"One of the great things about the show is the audience participation... I think that is a positive element when you bring people together from all over the world who do not know each other. And I must add, that unlike some entertainment, your show certainly crosses the cultural barriers."

Gail Davis
"You were fantastic and more! Your presentation was not only exciting, but inspiring. On our conference evaluation form you were rated 'excellent'. Thank you for a truly wonderful program and for making our conference an overwhelming success for everyone!"

Mary Kloiber
Manager, Federal Marketing Support
"You've made me look like a hero for being astute enough to hire you."

Lou Cantor
Director, Communications & Advertising
"Your 'Magic of the Mind' talk provided an excellent closing message for our new business conference. Thank you for helping prep our team for our 'race to the future.' "

Richard M. Farotto
VP, Business Development
"To say you stole the show would be an understatement. In all my years of running events, I have never hard as many positive comments about a speaker as you received."

Stephen W. Fitzgerald
Vice President, Operations
"Thank you for your excellent presentation. Even though I had previewed your presentation, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing it again."

O. Glen Horn, Jr.
"Your message on dedication and determination, being critical personal objectives, really was an inspiration to our audience."

G.M. Kunz
Acting Area Director of New Business
"Gil's performance dazzled, delighted, and bewildered our audience! We had a lot of outstanding entertainment at this event, but many people rated Gil the one they enjoyed most."

Cindy West
Staff Communications Specialist
"What a tremendous hit you were! Your style is just the right mix of seriousness, humor, and showmanship to put your points across in the most effective possible manner. All of our people came away from your presentation feeling stronger, motivated, and secure in the feeling that anything is possible if you are willing to work for it."

Joe H. Graham
Sr. Vice President, Marketing
"Thank you for your outstanding hypnosis performance. It was an extremely entertaining evening, which was exactly what we all needed after a long week."

Maria Roberto
Manager, Marketing Events
"Kudos! Never have I seen two audiences so entranced and mesmerized such as I witnessed during your two performances. You far exceeded our expectations."

James M. Bethmann
VP & Managing Director
"You have a wonderful gift, Gil, to be not only entertaining and humorous but to be a tremendous motivator and inspirational source for people. You absolutely had our entire office captivated, including myself. We are looking forward to using your services again to speak to internal and external audiences."

Robert A. Vanourek
President & CEO
"You were a tremendous hit! Thank you for doing a great job in not only motivating but entertaining our assembled sales people."

Robert A. Ingoglia
Director, Marketing Support
"When we contracted you for the hypnosis segment of your presentations, I doubted that anyone would volunteer-- was I wrong! I could not believe the response. Even some of the people I least expected were eager to join in. In addition to the hypnosis segment [which had us all in stitches, including the CEO from our parent company], your motivational talk was exactly what I wanted. Not only did you cover the points I requested, you interjected your own personal experiences, and the audience really responded."

Leigh Asher
Manager, Marketing Communications
"I want you to know out outstanding we thought Gil was as a speaker for our annual sales meeting. Believe me, we have a tough audience, but they loved Gil! He was interesting and motivating as well as entertaining. My recommendation would come with no reservations."

Karen M. Taylor
Manager-Corporate Meetings
"You brought not only your delightful personality, but a real quality talent and show to our people. The audience was astounded with your ESP demonstration and we were delightfully entertained with the hypnosis portion of your program."

Pat Pinz
Marketing Programs Supervisor, Electronic Imaging Division
"Your ESP show left a tremendous impression on the audience. You dazzled the international crowd on Tuesday morning and they were still discussing various aspects on Thursday evening. Quite a feat."

Sheila Konczewski
Director, Customer Communications

List of Industries