Gil Eagles Keynote Talks


Gil Eagles' charismatic, upbeat programs reflect years of in-depth research, phenomenal insight, clarity and vision. Using stories, humor, and real-life examples, Gil shows his audience how to shatter the shackles of self-imposed limitations. His provocative and intellectually stimulating presentations introduce elusive secrets for seizing control of our emotions and actions. He teaches sure-fire principles and easy-to-learn techniques for effectively handling change and achieving success in our competitve, fast-paced, complex world.

Topics and Titles

    Switch On Your Dream Machine
    Go from Being Ordinary to Someone Extraordinary

    Break through the Success Barrier
    Unleash the Awesome Power within You

    Go for the Gold
    There Is a Champion in All of Us

    Discover the Magic in Your Mind
    Seize the Greatness that Awaits You

    Turn Your Wishes into Reality
    Go Beyond Goal Setting to Goal Achievement

    Surviving Turbulent Times
    Embracing the Challenge of Change

    Turning Adversity into Success
    How to Use Change to Create Opportunity

    The Joke of Life
    How to Hone Your Greatest Weapon... Your Sense of Humor

    Build on Your Success
    Champions Never Quit, They Do It Again and Again

About Motivation

Motivation means having a "reason" or a "motive." Being motivated simply means having a reason which is strong enough to evoke action.

Gil's power-packed, motivational talks are especially designed to help people create a reason for moving themselves out of where they are and into the embrace of new possibilities. Gil's objective is to encourage each member of your audience to recognize his or her true potential. Gil has the remarkable ability for making each individual in a large audience feel as if he is speaking directly to them. Whether your audience is made up of entry level employees, sales people, technical staff, managers, distributors, customers, or the organization's CEO, Gil will inspire each of them to utilize their natural and inherent power to propel themselves to become all they are capable of being. Drawing on his own remarkable life story, Gil persuades, encourages, and excites everyone to stretch their limits -- to "Switch on their Dream Machine," -- to reach for new horizons -- to imagine the positive -- to set goals -- to carefully plan -- to willingly welcome change -- and to never quit.

Gil will work closely with the Meeting Planner to develop a title, which incorporate your meeting theme, and to tailor his talks to address your organization's objectives and your audience's needs.

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(800) 345-5607
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