Gil Eagles' Hypnosis Show


A World-Class, Award-Winning Program for Business Meetings

Do you want a "Blow-'em Away Show Stopper" for your next Meeting or Convention? Do you want an exhilarating program that has never failed to enliven, excite, and energize an audience? Then you want Gil Eagles' sensational World-Class, Award-Winning Hypnosis Show. Your audience will find itself both spellbound with interest and doubling over in side-splitting laughter. Gil's delightfully entertaining hypnosis show has no peer. Time and again, Gil Eagles has been acknowledged as the very best stage hypnotist.
Questions meeting planners ask about the Hypnosis Show

A Proven Success at Hundreds of Corporate Conventions

Gil's Hypnosis Show is a favorite with leading corporations such as AT&T, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Coldwell Banker, GE, Gillette, IBM, ITT, Kraft Foods, Lever Brothers, MCI, MetLife, Mutual of Omaha, Nabisco, Panasonic, PepsiCo, Schering Plough, Siemens Medical, Texaco, Wendy's, Westinghouse, YPO, and literally hundreds of others. Audiences talk about Gil's hypnosis program long after the convention is over. They love seeing people they know performing on the stage, doing things they never imagined they could do. Would you believe you could become Tarzan? An opera star? A sumo wrestler? A Martian? A flamenco dancer? And dozens of other rib-tickling characters? Don't say "never" if you've never seen the Gil Eagles Hypnosis Show!
Gil Eagles is a dedicated researcher, educator and is an avid exponent of the more serious applications of hypno-therapy. His hilarious stage show is designed to be both a lot of fun and educational. Using his 20 years of experience as a stage hypnotist, Gil skillfully and tastefully guides his audiences through the amazing possibilities of their own minds. With miraculous speed, he unlocks his volunteers' creativity to create one of the most fascinating, entertaining, and informative programs you'll ever see.

Sophisticated, Dignified, and Uncompromisingly Clean

Meeting Planners love to book Gil Eagles because they are confident that his programs are not only funny but are also sophisticated, dignified, and uncompromisingly clean. Gil's shows are always conducted with good taste, impeccable judgment, compassion, and respect for his volunteers, his audience, and your organization. It's vitally important to Gil that everyone enjoys themselves -- most particularly, those people on stage. Gil's sensitivity is such that he always makes sure his volunteers are treated with the utmost dignity and that their experience is most positive.

Perfect for Any Audience

If you want to enliven and excite your audience, create instant camaraderie, and get people talking to each other, then Gil's Hypnosis Show is the perfect program for your next business or association meeting. It's ideal as a convention opener, sensational as a banquet show, super at sales rallies, and perfect as part of the Gil Eagles Motivational and Leadership "Edu-Tainment" Programs. Here is an exciting and innovative way to entertain, educate, motivate, and inspire your group. This show works equally as well at a small business meeting of 50 people, as it does for a large convention of 5,000 and more.

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