Most Frequently asked Questions
about Gil Eagles' Hypnosis Show


What happens if Gil doesn't get any volunteers?

This hasn't happened in over 2,000 performances. Gil is a master at his craft and knows how to instantly create a safe and supportive environment in which audience members are always eager to participate. Usually there are many more volunteers than space on stage.

Yes, but our audience is "different," and they are very conservative.

This is one of the most frequently heard comments. Everyone thinks that their group is different. With 2,000 hypnosis shows to his credit, Gil has experienced every type of audience: college students, doctors, high-tech engineers, sales people, managers, and company presidents. No group is too conservative or too sophisticated to have fun. Gil knows how to create cxcitement with a variety of groups. In fact, the more conservative and sophisticated the audience, the more reason to bring Gil in. He'll accomplish for you what few others can.

I don't want anyone to be or feel embarrassed.

Gil's programs are designed for the most discriminating and sensitive corporate audiences. The utmost care and respect for the dignity of both his subjects on stage and his audience always prevails. There must be a good reason why Gil's Hypnosis Show is frequently rebooked for the same audience. In fact, when Gil returns to an audience, it's inevitable that the same people who were on stage the previous time are the very ones who wish to volunteer again, thus proving they had a most positive experience.

Does Gil explain what hypnosis is to the audience?

Absolutely. That's one of the many reasons why Gil's Hypnosis Show is so special. It's important to Gil that he not only entertains, but also educates his audience. During each show (without lecturing) he humorously dispels many of the myths and misconceptions people have about hypnosis. The audience always leaves not only thoroughly entertained but also more enlightened.

Do we have to pre-arrange volunteers for Gil?

Absolutely NOT. Pre-arranged volunteers make it look and feel like a set-up. Gil always gets his own volunteers right from the audience. Spontaneity is one of the ingredients that make the show fun and interesting.

Is Gil's Hypnosis Show safe?

Yes. Very safe. There are many misconceptions about the safety of hypnosis. Gil has made more than 2,000 successful hypnosis presentations in which he has worked with more than 20,000 people. Gil's paramount concern on stage is always for the physical and psychological well-being of his volunteers.

How does Gil incorporate his motivational talks and leadership program with his Hypnosis Show?

This is where Gil shines. His "Combination Programs" are like none other. Gil's Hypnosis Show lends itself beautifully as a graphic example for his follow-up talk. Gil uses what takes place during the show to bring across more vividly the points he wants to make ("Business Edu-Tainment"). The combination program can be done either as a one-session program (from 1-1/2 to 3 hours) or can be broken up into two sessions. For instance, the Hypnosis Show can be used as the evening's banquet entertainment followed by the talk the next day. In any event, the combination program is your best bet to entertain, educate, and motivate your audience. Savvy meeting planners take full advantage of Gil's many talents.

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