What's So Special about Gil Eagles?

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There are ENTERTAINERS who can captivate and enthrall an audience, and there are SPEAKERS who can teach and inspire. But to find one person who is both a World-Class "AWARD-WINNING" ENTERTAINER and a World-Class "AWARD-WINNING" SPEAKER is indeed rare!

How to Best Use Gil Eagles

What makes Gil Eagles so extraordinary is the fact that he is a multi-faceted presenter with extraordinary talents. Gil Eagles is the only platform personality to be honored with the highest awards from both the world of Show Business and the Educational Lecture Circuit (Awards described below). Gil is an acknowledged MASTER in several different fields. He is more than just a charismatic SPEAKER -- more than just a spellbinding ENTERTAINER -- more than just an empowering MOTIVATOR. He is also an astonishing MENTALIST and is America's foremost STAGE HYPNOTIST (See details below).

Gil Eagles, CPAE, CSP, (Certified Speaking Professional) is acknowledged by Meeting and Convention Planners, Industry Leaders, Colleges and Universities, and his Peers for being one of the most informative, motivating, and inspiring presenters on the platform today. He is the winner of the coveted CPAE award, the National Speakers Association's HIGHEST RECOGNITION FOR PROFESSIONAL SPEAKING EXCELLENCE. Of the 5,000 speakers who are, or have been members of NSA, just over 100 have been honored with the CPAE. This award puts Gil Eagles in the company with the most elite speakers in the world. Other recipients of the CPAE include President Ronald Reagan and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

In addition, more than 2,000 colleges and universities in the National Association for Campus Activities voted Gil Eagles the country's "MOST OUTSTANDING CAMPUS GUEST LECTURE PROGRAM."

Gil is also a highly regarded Mental Training Consultant. He is an active member of the American Society for Training and Development and is the originator of "MENTA-LASTICS" a science of the mind which is currently helping Professional Sports Teams achieve winning results. He created "PEOPLE MAGIC," his much-in-demand LEADERSHIP program. And he is the author of "The I-ME EXPERIENCE," a popular workshop-retreat on SELF-ESTEEM.

What Makes Gil Eagles Such an Exceptional Speaker?

Is it his in-depth research and cutting edge information? His extraordinary insight into human development? His profound understanding of motivation and leadership? His charismatic stage presence? His quick-witted humor? Or his dynamic delivery?

Those who have seen Gil Eagles in action agree that it's all of these and MORE! It's also his extraordinary facility for translating complex ideas into interesting, easy to understand, FUN learning experiences. He has a remarkable ability to speak to both the head and the heart. Gil makes each individual in a large audience feel as if he is speaking directly to him or her. Gil has been called "warm, funny, sensitive, informative and electric." (See Reviews by Industry). His exciting, upbeat programs reflect years of in-depth research, phenomenal insight, clarity, and vision.

It's been said that "Gil Eagles grows people." And we all know that people are what makes companies grow. Personal Growth, Professional Growth, Company Growth -- these are the thrusts of Gil's programs. They're designed to help you improve your organization's effectiveness by developing its most precious asset, PEOPLE! (See Reviews by Industry)

Besides being one of the most respected Educators and Motivational Speakers, Gil Eagles is also an Award-Winning, World-Class ENTERTAINER. The Academy of Variety Artists awarded Gil Eagles the prestigious "Golden Mike Award" for his highly entertaining shows. Gil entertains with TWO very exciting yet totally different programs. He is an astonishing MENTALIST (E.S.P. Show) and America's formost Stage HYPNOTIST.

A proven track record of Rave Reviews:

Gil has captivated audiences all over the world with his mesmerizing shows. He has appeared in Las Vegas and Atlantic City showrooms, on luxury liners, at prestigious resorts, state fairs, dinner theaters, major night clubs and on national television. Today, Gil is one of the most sought-after Banquet Entertainers for Meetings and Conventions.

Gil Eagles' unrivaled "Business Edu-Tainment" is the unique melding of his hilarious, award-winning Hypnosis Show with his much acclaimed powerfully inspiring Motivational Talk. The way Gil is able to combine his diverse talents into fun, learning experiences is what sets him above the rest. It is precisely this winning combination that make Gil Eagles so special and so outstandingly effective.

Gil Eagles' "Business Edu-Tainment" programs will have your audience doing more than just LISTENING -- They'll PARTICIPATE -- They'll LAUGH -- They'll LEARN. More importantly, they'll be moved to take ACTION.

Whether your audience is made up of sales people, middle and/or upper management, members of your business or trade association, or a select group of your product users, Gil Eagles knows how to tailor his programs to get you the results you want every time. He is just as effective before a small group of less than 50 as he is before a gigantic audience of thousands at a national business convention. No matter what your industry, product, or service, no matter where the location, setting, or the theme of your meeting, Gil will tailor his programs to create incredible excitement and comaraderie. Even the most discriminating audience will be talking about what Gil Eagles did, for years to come. (See Reviews by Industry).

Gil Eagles has an unprecedented record of rave reviews from more than 4,000 successful appearances. (See Partial List of Clients and Reviews by Industry). Gil's programs are popular with Meeting Planners because they are always CLEAN, SOPHISTICATED and FUN. More importantly, they deliver a VALUABLE MESSAGE.

How to Best Use Gil Eagles

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