Gil Eagles' E.S.P. Show

Sophisticated, Fascinating, and Humorous Banquet Entertainment


Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa:
"Incredible, Amazing, Mind Boggling -- just some reactions to your fabulous ESP show. The bottom line, you were the hit of our convention."
-- Larry Vander Tuig, Executive Director

"Your ESP show left a tremendous impression on our international crowd. You dazzled them on Tuesday, and they were still talking about you on Thursday. Quite a feat."
-- Sheila Konczewski, Director, Customer Communications

Ingersoll-Rand Co.:
"Excellent entertainment! You certainly amazed and dazzled us with your ESP Show. Everybody just loved your side-splitting humor. A great show that will never be forgotten."
-- John R. Masterman, V.P., General Manager

"Once again Gil's amazing ESP Show dazzled, delighted, bewildered and truly entertained us."
-- Cindy West, Meeting Director

A Meeting Planner's Dream

Do you have a tough audience to entertain? A discriminating audience that has seen it all? Then Gil Eagles' brilliantly entertaining E.S.P. Show is your solution. Gil's fun-filled, mind-boggling demonstration will dazzle your audience and have them sitting on the edge of their seats. Gil Eagles is the only Mentalist to be awarded the Academy of Variety Artists' prestigious "Golden Mike Award." Gil is known as the "stand-up comic of the MENTALISTS." His funny and amazing show is a favorite not only in Las Vegas and Atlantic City showrooms, but also with the most sophisticated and demanding corporate audiences.

Questions meeting planners ask about the ESP Show

Astonishing, Sophisticated, Funny, and Clean

Gil's fast-paced program artfully demonstrates the strange and unbelievable possibilities of the mind. The audience actually experiences the fascinating and mysterious wonders of the sixth sense. They participate totally by having their names and innermost thoughts revealed. They pick a thought -- any thought. Gil will tell them what it is. Challenge him with a social security number, a birthdate, an anniversary, or even the exact amount of money in someone's pocket. Gil will guess it to the penny! Is someone thinking of a long lost friend? An unusual dream? A secret ambition? Gil will tell him what it is. Gil always presents his shows with dignity and the utmost sensitivity for the privacy of his audience. Good taste and respect always prevail.

Audience Participation without Collusion

No information is ever given to Gil before the performance. The names, numbers, and innermost thoughts that he reveals are those actually held in the minds of the audience -- all strangers to him.

Gil Eagles' amazing ESP Show is guaranteed to leave your audience
baffled, laughing, and thoroughly entertained.

For more information
P.O. Box 785
Short Hills, NJ 07078
(800) 345-5607
(973) 313-9800
Fax (973) 313-0040

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