Most Frequently asked Questions
about Gil Eagles' E.S.P. Show


The BIG question always is -- How does he do it?

It's truly a mind-boggler that astounds everyone. No matter who the audience, Gil always leaves them baffled and laughing. Even the most sophisticated audiences buzz with excitement long after the show is over. Gil's E.S.P. Show is self-contained and easy to stage. The only technical requirements are a microphone and an audience.

Is Gil's presentation a lecture or a show?

This is not a lecture demonstration. It is definitely one of the most amazing, fast-paced, entertaining shows you'll ever see.

Does Gil need to be supplied with information about anybody in the audience beforehand?

No. Gil needs absolutely no prior knowledge about anyone. It is the spontaneity and uncontrived revelations that surprise and astonish the audience. The people Gil calls on are the ones who are most amazed.

What size group is ideal for Gil's E.S.P. Show?

Gil's E.S.P. Show is just as effective before a small audience of a dozen people as it is for an audience of 500 and more. The unforgettable results are always the same regardless of size.

How does the audience participate in the show?

Gil stands up front, very much like a stand-up comedian, and interacts with members of the audience while they remain seated. As the show progresses, each person in the audience feels that Gil could at any moment call his or her name. This causes a tremendous sense of excitement and anticipation. The atmosphere during Gil's E.S.P. show has often been described as electric. Gil's quick wit and constant stream of humor make this a marvelously entertaining experience.

Is anything ever revealed that could prove embarrassing?

Absolutely NOT. Gil is extremely sensitive to his audience's feelings. Gil always presents his shows with the utmost respect for the privacy and dignity of his audience.

When is the best time to use Gil's E.S.P. Show?

The show is ideal for any situation: a banquet or after-dinner program, sales meeting, award-giving function, or distributor's meeting. It's perfect for entertaining important clients or for absolutely any occasion at which you might need sophisticated, fun entertainment.

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