Gil Eagles presents

Business "Edu-Tainment"


The Fun, Learning Experience for Meetings and Conventions

Give your audience more than just a SPEAKER -- more than just a MOTIVATOR -- more than just an ENTERTAINER. Treat them to Gil Eagles' unforgettable "Business Edu-Tainment."

This one-of-a-kind "Combination Program" is not only fun and inspiring but, more importantly, it delivers useful take-home value!

Program Description

If you want your audience to laugh and learn, then Gil Eagles' "Business Edu-Tainment" is far and away your best bet. This one-of-a-kind "Combination Program" is the unique melding of Gil's multi-faceted talents as both a World-Class, Award Winning Entertainer and a World-Class, Award Winning Speaker. The way Gil uniquely combines Entertainment, Education, Motivation, and Inspiration into a comprehensive, fun-filled learning experience has earned him the reputation for having one of The Most Powerful Programs for Meetings and Conventions. Gil kicks-off his Combination Program with his hilariously entertaining Hypnosis Show. Using his 20 years of experience as a stage hypnotist, Gil quickly and skillfully turns audience volunteers into a cast of instant celebrities. While essentially an entertainment program, Gil's Hypnosis Show also serves as a graphic example of human motivation. It serves as a living demonstration of why we do the things we do. This fascinating hour of fun forms the foundation upon which Gil explores the power of the mind, human behavior and the secrets for personal and professional success.

Two Powerful "Edu-Tainment" Programs

Motivation: (Be All You Can)

Throughout this segment of his fascinating "Edu-Tainment" program, Gil frequently refers to the Hypnosis portion, drawing on its graphic examples to clearly demonstrate the secrets for Personal and Professional Motivation. He teaches the audience how to unleash the awesome power that is within us all. This extremely entertaining, high-content program is ideal for all meetings and conferences where you want to entertain, educate, motivate, and inspire your audience within the same program. It is especially effective at sales rallies, management meetings, user groups and dealer get-togethers, recognition events, and award conferences. This fun and motivating learning experience is just as relevant and impactful for entry level employees as it is for upper echelon executives.

Leadership: (People Magic)

This combination program is specifically designed for executives, managers and supervisors. It is most appropriate for meetings and conferences where the participants are those who hold leadership positions. Once again, Gil draws on the graphic examples in his Hypnosis Show. However, this time his objective is to teach the secrets for motivating others. This highly informative "Edu-Tainment" program shows managers how to elicit extraordinary performances from ordinary people. Gil teaches that "Leadership is a Verb, and not a Noun. It's an Action not a Title." Whether the audience is comprised of entry-level managers, seasoned pros, or experienced CEO's, Gil's "People Magic" program will be the most entertaining and valuable presentation they'll ever attend.

What's so Special
about "Business Edu-Tainment"
Gil Eagles' "Business Edu-Tainment" programs will have your audience doing more than just listening.
They'll PARTICIPATE -- They'll LAUGH -- They'll LEARN
More importantly, they'll be moved to take ACTION.

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