How to Best Use Gil Eagles


Imagine a World-Class, Award-Winning SPEAKER and a World-Class, Award-Winning ENTERTAINER rolled into one. That's Gil Eagles! He presents you with the rare opportunity to treat your audience to programs that are not only FUN and INSPIRING but also deliver useful "take-home" value.

Business Edu-Tainment -- 90 minutes to 3 hours

    If you are looking to ENTERTAIN, EDUCATE, and MOTIVATE your people at the same session, then Gil Eagles' "Business Edu-Tainment" programs are far and away your best bet. "Business Edu-tainment" is the unique melding of Gil's hilarious, award-winning "Magic of the Mind Show" with his much acclaimed, powerfully inspiring "Motivational Talk." It's the unique blend of laughing and learning that makes Gil's "Business Edu-Tainment" programs the strongest, most exciting and effective Entertainment and Educational Combination for any Meeting or Convention.

As your Keynote Speaker -- 30 minutes to 1 hour or longer

    Gil Eagles' inspiring motivational talks are perfect for a general session. He's great as a convention opener. He'll establish the theme and create an upbeat tone for the rest of the meeting. Or use him to close the meeting. He'll tie it all together for you and send your people home feeling empowered and enthusiastic. You can also use him in the middle of your meeting to liven up your convention.

As your Banquet Entertainment -- 30 minutes to 1-1/2 hours

    If it's blow-'em-away entertainment you want...Then Gil Eagles is your man. No matter who the group or size of your audience, no matter what the setting, occasion or purpose of your meeting, either of Gil Eagles' award-winning shows (E.S.P. or HYPNOSIS) will be a happening your audience will never for get. Gil has been described by Meeting Planners as "The Best Banquet Entertainment for Business Meetings and Conventions."

For Breakout Seminar-Workshops -- 60 minutes to a full day or longer

    If you are looking to give your audience some substantial take-home value, then Gil's seminars/workshops will give your attendees the kind of practical action-producing information that they can immediately apply to their personal and professional lives. Gil brings to his business seminars and workshops many years of experience as a researcher and educator, plus his dynamic delivery as an entertainer and motivator.

For Multiple Programs

    Savvy Meeting Planners take advantage of the fact that Gil Eagles is both an ENTERTAINER and a SPEAKER. Many of them use Gil more than once at the same meeting. It's quite common for Gil to entertain at an evening function and then deliver a keynote address at the general session the next day. Even that is often followed by a breakout seminar/workshop. The advantages to you for using Gil Eagles more than once are:

    • You get the very best of both worlds -- an "Award-Winning Speaker" and an "Award-Winning Entertainer."
    • The hassle-free convenience and expense-saving ease of dealing with only one presenter.
    • The benefit of discounted fees for the second and third programs.

Gil always tailors his programs to meet your objectives and the audience's needs.

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