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Welcome to the multi-faceted and intriguing world of Gil Eagles. For two decades he has been helping Meeting Planners SCORE BIG with his versatile presentations. Gil is highly acclaimed for being MORE than just a charismatic SPEAKER -- MORE than just a spellbinding ENTERTAINER -- MORE than just an empowering MOTIVATOR. He is also an astonishing MENTALIST (E.S.P. Show) and is America's foremost STAGE HYPNOTIST.

Gil Eagles is the only platform personality to be honored with the highest awards from both the world of Show Business (About Gil Eagles, The Entertainer) and the Educational Lecture Circuit (About Gil Eagles, The Speaker). It is the unique blend of fun and learning that makes Gil Eagles one of the most powerful and exciting presenters for Meetings and Conventions. (What's so Special about Gil Eagles). Whether it's an inspiring keynote talk or one of his electrifying banquet shows, Gil's refreshing one-of-a-kind programs are not only hilariously entertaining but also intellectually stimulating. More importantly, they deliver useful take-home value.

Be sure to come back each month and read the EAGLETTER, to get your monthly dose of uplifting ideas, tips and stories to help you soar.

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